What Does Your Pool Inflatable Say About Your Family?

When it comes to pool fun, what’s 2018’s biggest trend? 

Instagram-able novelty pool inflatables, of course!s

But have you ever considered that your choice of novelty pool float might reveal more about you than you’d think? Read on to find out what your choice of pool float says about you and your family!

Also check out our top pool inflatable safety tips  and a list of some of our favourite pool float holiday game ideas! Don’t say we never spoil you. It’s family pool party time!

Which of These Pool Float Personalities Sounds Like Your Family?

The Fruity Patootie Family

Owners of the most popular pool float in the resort, you are the Fruity Patootie family! Your little ones are all about making new friends on holiday and come happy hour, even the barman knows where to find mum– relaxing on a giant pineapple, pina colada in hand. Collectively, you’re just so holiday ready and your upbeat energy draws others to you. You’ll all party hard this holiday – but beware of the comedown as you head back to the good ol’ grey UK.

The ‘Fruity Patootie’ family will love… the vibrant family atmosphere at Princesa Yaiza Resort, Lanzarote 

 The Magical Unicorn Clan

 Dancing through the pool with joy and frivolity on the back of your noble steed, you and your family are true Unicorns. Your tots are creative little dreamers, and as a Unicorn mum, you are the queen of the pool and enjoy spreading the magic of holiday delight. On the back of your very own elegant beast, even dad is able to execute a trip around the pool with poise and grace – well at least until it’s time to get off the pool float.

Unicorn families will love… a magical Christmas family ski holiday at Chalet Les Chats Bleus, Les Gets Resort

 The Dunkin’ Doughnutters 

The Dunkin’ doughnut family is fun, carefree and quirky! Dunkin’ Doughnut parents are known for their brilliant sense of humour; merrily chortling their way around the pool. They’re unafraid of getting stuck in and having a laugh by splashing the other kids (or big kids as the case may be!). Mischievous mini Doughnuts (the kids) are always on the look out for fun – will you be the one getting dunked??

Dunkin’ Doughnut families will love… the light-hearted family fun at Green Garden Resort, Tenerife 

 The Flamboyant Flamingo Family

Often found in large flocks, the Flamboyant Flamingo family is the life and soul of the (pool) party! The tots are full of fun and holiday excitement, whilst mum, dad and the rest of the huge holiday gang (cousins, grandparents, neighbours dog etc) are keen to chat to new fellow pool pals and are quite content to don the sunglasses, sing loudly and confidentially wing their way around the pool. Flamboyant Flamingos are no wallflowers – they’re more than happy to take centre stage!

Flamboyant Flamingo families will love… a chance to enjoy the great activities at Salema Beach Resort – Portugal

 The Stylish Swan Clique

Move over Kardashians – the Stylish Swan clan is coming through. Cool, sleek and elegant (how do they do it?!) Mum calmly glides across the pool in french braids, chic swimwear and large black sunglasses – every haggard parent she passes stares in envy. Dad likes to eat clean and look lean on holiday, and his clean-eating Instagram certainly reflects that! Mum is equally social media savvy – her carefully crafted holiday Insta-feed is packed with shots of her impeccably dressed little ones candidly gazing into the sunset… Bliss!

Stylish Swan families will love… a stay at the ultra-chic family resort of Domes of Elounda, Crete

 The Homeslice Crew

Duuuude. The Homeslice family is in the building and they’re cool, relaxed and rocking life. I mean really, what is there to worry about when you’re casually floating around a pool on a slice of giant pizza?? The Homeslice kids will often be found hitting up the buffet to grab more snacks than they can carry, whilst mum and dad are catching up on some serious chill while sizzling in the afternoon sunshine.

Homeslice float families will love… the totally chilled vibes at Casa da Ria, Portugal 


The Emoji Float Family

Well, this could be a whole category in itself – which emoji float did your family opt for?? The Emoji dad is totes on trend and down with the kids. Checking up on social media and having a giggle with the tots in the pool, Emoji float parents are easy going, confident, have a great sense of humour and are effortlessly fashionable, earning elusive respect from their little Emoji holidaymakers.  Whether you’re laughing face, crying face or even smiling poop, you’re all owning that emoji float, no matter what people think. Now that’s confidence.

The Emoji float family will love… loads of space for family fun at Chateau Blanc, France 

 The Lounging Lilo Gang

Mum and dad are tired. So, so tired… Really, all they want to do is get on that damn pool float and doze all afternoon as the lilo lulls them to sleep. Finally, they are able get some well-deserved rest. The Lounging Lilo family is all about keeping things simple and using the holiday as it was meant to be used for – some downtime. But beware the little lurking Lounging Lilo usurpers that you’ve brought with you on your trip… your relaxing lilo downtime might well be cut short…

The Lounging Lilo family will love… family holidays made easy at the stunning Villa Maria, Tenerife

 The Croc Family

You’re in paradise… floating in the peaceful pool, not a care in the world… then CRASH – THE CROCODILE FAMILY HAS ENTERED THE WATER. With a cheeky, evil twinkle in the kids’ eyes and a knowing malevolence in the eyes of their parents, this maverick Crocodile clan is all about chaos, fun and causing mischief. Steer well clear if you want to avoid getting splashed: these naughty holidaymakers take NO prisoners in the pool!

The Crocodile family will love… causing mayhem with other little crocodiles at Berry Farm, France 

The Classic Hoop Clan

Ahh, the rubber ring – you and your tots know exactly where you stand with a faithful rubber ring. If your family are Classic Hoop kind of pool people, then it’s likely that you’re traditionalists. You like to keep things simple and organised and you really understand the value of taking things back to basics. Your rubber ring will allow you and your tots to take turns floating merrily around the pool just fine – Functional but still stylish, the classic hoop family reveal their whimsical side with a whacky pattern on their hoop of choice.

The Classic Hoop float family will love… the classic holiday experience at Villa Panorama, Greece 

 The Serene Sea Turtle Tribe

The Serene Sea Turtle family is calm, peaceful and steady going. Floating gently around the pool, they don’t mind being the centre of attention – but unlike The Flamboyant Flamingo, they like to keep things chill, rather than getting kicks from being the life of the party. The little ones are definitely animal lovers, opting for a real creature as opposed to a mythical being, and the realistic appearance of their pool float also shows that mum and dad are down to earth.

The Serene Sea Turtle family will love… the family friendly eco retreat Villa Serentina, Corsica


 The Hipster Avocado Folk

Are you a millennial mum? Yes I thought so. The Hipster Avocado family is all about brunch, funky patterned stationary and almond milk. Sailing around the pool on your inflatable avocado, you guys know you’ve got style and you’re not afraid to do your own thing – The hipster avocado float family carve their own path in life and don’t follow the conventional trends of pool etiquette.

The Hipster Avocado family will love… the amazing family friendly quirks at Casa Podere Ierna, Italy

6 Graceful Ways to Board your Floatie

Boarding an inflatable is rarely flattering to the ego while you’re on holiday, especially if you’re just trying to join in with the kids. Here’s 6 ways you can impress:

1. The ‘Incredible Leap’

One of the most common entrances is a leap from the side of the pool roughly in the direction of your float. This technique is easy to do but holds the risk of missing completely.’


2. The ‘Bone Dry Board’

Sitting on the side and sliding aboard is a common technique among grandmas, this technique requires a lot of concentration and balance to get right, but can get you aboard bone dry.


3. The ‘Wicked Backflip’

Ideal using a diving board and a large floatie, mastering this technique grants instant pool party respect!


4. The ‘Missile’

Submerging yourself under water and shooting yourself upwards like a missile onto your floatie can be very dramatic, finish this move with a flick of the hair for serious smoothness.



5. The ‘Collaborator’

Asking for help from the family can make your boarding graceful but, be wise when making a choice of family member to help or you could be in for a shock.


6. The ‘Trustfall’

Using the side or steps of the pool, face away from the pool with your floatie beneath you. Effortlessly falling back onto your float is graceful but can be risky if you aren’t fast enough!

Pool Float Games

Entertain your tots by having a go at one of these pool float games!

Shark Battle

You’ll need… multiple players and a pool float

  •         Designate one person as the ‘shark’
  •         Other players scatter about the pool and find a safe spot to stand/float
  •         The ‘Shark’ gets on to the pool float and heads towards the other players
  •         The other players cannot move from their spots but they CAN attempt to steal the shark’s float by wrestling it from their grasp
  •          If the ‘prey’ is successful at ‘fighting the shark’ and gets the float, even for a moment, they are safe
  •          If they can’t get the float off the shark then they must get out of the pool
  •       The last prey standing is the next shark

Water Whack a Mole

You’ll need… a pool float and multiple players (who can wear armbands/have their own inflatables to help them stay afloat if need be)

  •         One player holds the pool float whilst the other players stand in front of them at the shallow end
  •         The other players take turns to dip under the water and pop up and down
  •          The person with the inflatable must try to lightly bop them on the head, just like the arcade game
  •          The last mole to be ‘whacked’ becomes the mole hunter in the next game 

Relay Race

You’ll need… two pool floats and at least two players

  •          Players race each other on their floats (by paddling, kicking, using arms etc) to the other side of the pool and back again
  •          When they get back, they tag the next player who must get on the float and do the same
  •          The race continues until all players have paddled
  •          The team to make it back to the start line first wins the race
  •         To make it even harder, you could drop a pool sinker at the far end, so each player has to get off the float, collect the sinker, get back on the float and paddle back

Surfer Dude

You’ll need… a large pool float you can stand on, kids who are confident swimmers and a stopwatch

  • Players take turn balancing on the raft to see how long they can stay upright for
  • For older children, the float may be gently dragged around the pool to make the challenge even greater 
  • Whoever stays upright the longest is the winner!

Pool Float Safety Tips

Pool floats and toys are a lot of fun and little ones just love them – but whilst you all enjoy yourselves, it’s important to also be clued up on all the latest safety tips so that you can let your tots have a whale of a time without needing to worry. Check out our top pool inflatable safety tips below…

Don’t leave a pool float unattended in the pool

What do little ones love? Colourful, eye-catching toys. What will they try to get their hands on at all costs? You guessed it, colourful, eye-catching toys.

When you leave pool toys out in the water, they attract the attention of children, who can be surprisingly resourceful in attempting to get hold of them. Don’t let your little one be tempted to try and get through fences or reach out to get pool floats from the water’s edge – deflate and securely pack inflatables away when not in use, ready to get out again when you know you can keep your tot under a close watchful eye and in arm’s reach.

Pool floats can give a false impression of savvy swimmers

As you watch your little one tear through the water on an inflatable, it can really give you the impression that your child is a confident swimmer – which, especially with older children, may lead you to believe that you don’t have to keep quite such a close eye on them. Always supervise your children closely when they’re in the pool and be aware of your child’s true swimming ability without the aid of an inflatable.

Choose the right pool toy for your family

Whilst choosing the design of your pool toy can be a real laugh (looking at you, Dunkin’ Doughnut) it’s also important to choose one that practically suits your family. Check the recommended age and weight ranges before you buy to ensure that the toy is appropriate, and always check inflatables thoroughly for leaks before use. Make sure your child only uses the float for the purpose it was intended for and read any provided safety guidelines carefully.

In an emergency…

If you do find yourself in an emergency situation, then pool floats can be used to reach someone in trouble – but only as a really last resort. Official Life Saving guidelines encourage swimmers to always try and use either a reach pool or a proper flotation device in the event of a rescue, so be aware of where your nearest pool safety equipment is stored.

Pool Safety Checklist
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