What Kind of Airport Parent Are You?

airport parent

So you’ve picked your baby and toddler friendly holiday destination… your bags are packed… you’ve reached the airport… and now the fun begins!

Which of these airport parent personalities are you?


Planner Airport Parent

Organised travel wallet with all the documents in the right order, children neatly dressed and playing quietly with pre-prepared activities, holiday itinerary ready to go, loads of time left to saunter on down to the gate… this is the travel mum who miraculously has got everything in hand!

planner parent

Planner Parent will love… the carefully organised Kids’ resort activities at Playa Andaluza, Domes of Elounda Autograph Collection and Monte da Quinta

Proud Airport Parent

Proud parent has opted to embark on their first baby friendly holiday, and is very pleased to show off their tiny traveller! This parent is bound to look a little nervous, but also excited to set off on a new journey. Plus with a child who flies at a reduced cost and is too young to be able to escape anywhere, they have every reason to be gleeful! (While it lasts!!)

baby friendly holiday parent

Proud Parent will love… the best for baby properties of Le Potager and Windfall Cottage

Duty-free Airport Parent

You can get some cracking deals in airport duty-free shops, as the duty-free parent well knows! You’ll spot them laden with bags containing affordable goodies (alcohol, check, makeup check) and winding their way back to parent number 2, who is busy pacifying the kids with Kinder chocolate giftbags in the seating area.

duty free child friendly holiday

Duty-free Parent will love… the wonderful wine at Vineyard House and Gelso

Panicked Airport Parent

On the verge of a minor nervous breakdown, this super-stressed parent is busy herding children along at break neck speed, re-checking all the passports and tickets are to hand, constantly watching the departure board and anxiously hovering by the gate. Not able to really relax until actually up in the air, we’ve all been one of them at least once…

Panicked parent child friendly villa

Panicked Parent will love… the excellent service and total relaxation at Aphrodite Hills and Pine Cliffs

Gap Year Airport Parent

Having kids hasn’t quashed this parent’s sense of adventure! Vest tops, beaded dreadlocks, huge backpacks and canvas baby slings make these parents easy to identify, as they prepare to jet off to an undiscovered authentic-exotic location, with little ones alongside.

Gap year parent toddler friendly holiday

Gap Year Parent will love… the eco-luxury resort properties of Villa Amalia, Villa Graciete and Villa Olivia

Octo Airport Parent

You think it’s bad enough trying to travel with one child? Octo parent is flying with at least 3 or more. Either frantically attempting to guide the mob through the security lines or just resigned to calmly reading a magazine whilst the little terrors run amuck, you have a lot of admiration for this parent’s pure daring!

octo parent family friendly holiday

Octo Parent will love…having plenty of space and bedrooms for children at Red Squirrel House, Chateau Chatelaine, and Casa Vinya

Glam Airport Parent

Looking cool and collected in her scarf-and-sunnies get up, glam mum is gliding through the airport in an enviable haze of chic! Pulling her designer case with confidence, you’ll never quite know how she manages to remain so sleek and non-baby sick covered…

Glam mum baby villa

Glam Parent will love… the sophisticated family luxury at Villa Sorriso and Villa Escada

Pushy Airport Parent

Not about to let the non-family travellers walk all over her, pushy parent is at the front of every queue and is not afraid to fight for her family travel rights! She’s got the kind of gall that every mum needs a bit of, meaning she’ll have everyone happy, seated and sorted even if it comes at the cost of a bit of a fight.

pushy parent toddler holiday

Pushy Parent will love… the excellent standard of accommodation at Villa Luna, La Finca and Penny’s Place

Carefree Airport Parent

Kids knocking over shop stands, passports ‘somewhere’ in the luggage, trailing a coat haphazardly across the floor… but still carefree parent is chilled and relaxed! A little disorganised, but totally okay with it, carefree parent is content in the knowledge that they’ll get everyone on the plane in the end. Somehow.

carefree parent baby holiday

Carefree Parent will love… the ultimate family fun and laidback feel of Villa Maria, Princess Yaiza and Connie’s Farm

Picture Airport Parent

In the day of the digital age, an airport is photo-op galore! Snapping selfies and multiple pictures of her little darlings continuously throughout her time in the airport, you’ll question if she’ll have any space left on the camera for holiday snaps. Queen of Instagram, Pinterest and all the social media channels, not a moment will be missed when it comes to her family holiday journey…

picture parent child friendly holiday

Picture Parent will love… the stunning backdrop views at Sa Rota and Casa Agio


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