What to Expect on Your Holiday – Coronavirus Guidance

As the world re-opens for travel, you can expect some changes to your holiday experience due to precautions put in place to ensure your family’s safety and wellbeing.

We’re not able to predict exactly how your particular experience may be impacted at the time of your travel dates due to the different restrictions and regulations being applied and/or lifted in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

However, it’s clear that there will be some differences in holiday destinations from that of pre-pandemic, certainly for the short term and possibly long term. It’s possible that some of the information on our website regarding services and experiences may temporarily be inaccurate.  

For now, we have collated an outline of the most common adaptations we are being made aware of and that you are likely to encounter if you are travelling this summer and possibly beyond.

It’s really important to point out that any changes are likely to evolve and adapt over time and also that they do vary between destinations and therefore we are keen to stress that this information is meant to be a general guide only as we have no way of knowing exactly how individual destinations might be affected at varying times.

Where we have received specific information from resorts and destinations we have listed it here


General resort areas

  • Social distancing measures will be in place. There will be reminders of this throughout resorts and in public spaces. Most of Europe have a 1 metre guideline
  • Some resorts are adopting contactless check-ins to ensure social distancing is maintained
  • Check in times may vary to allow for additional cleaning between guests. Generally this will mean check in times will be later than advertised as more time is spent cleaning between guests. Guests will be notified prior to arrival

Swimming pool and pool area

  • Outdoor swimming pools are open. Some have rules to limit the numbers of people swimming at any one time but generally the use of outdoor swimming pools is unaffected
  • Some indoor swimming pools may be closed
  • Sunbeds will be set out in line with social distancing and guests will either be allocated sunbeds or there will be cleaning protocol between guests to ensure hygiene 

Kids’ facilities

  • Kids’ clubs will be closed or very limited. If use of a kids’ club is a key requirement of your holiday you should contact us to request further information about your specific destination
  • Play areas will have additional sanitising protocol in place. Some will have regular cleaning staff others will have cleaning products which will be made available for parents to use prior to their children using the play equipment
  • Social distancing will apply to play areas and this means some play areas will restrict the numbers of children allowed at one time. Some equipment that is not possible to keep sanitised may be temporarily unavailable, for example sand pits and ball pits
  • In resorts where Playmakers or other group activities for kids are provided, these sessions will be suspended temporarily


  • Resort restaurants are open. They will be encouraging use of outside space and terraces. Tables will be socially distanced which may reduce the overall capacity in a restaurant from the usual numbers. In some resorts, buffets will be suspended in favour of table service. Some resorts are offering in villa dining as an alternative option if guests don’t wish to eat in the main restaurant
  • Waiting staff, kitchen staff and bar staff will be wearing masks
  • Guests will not usually be required to wear masks when seated in restaurants

Spa, Gym and leisure facilities

  • Spas, gyms and sporting facilities have restricted opening hours and due to social distancing, will have reduced numbers at any one time depending on the space available


  • Hand sanitising facilities will be widely available
  • Staff will be wearing masks
  • Extra cleaning services throughout resorts and increased cleaning of accommodation between guests. This is likely to be evident during your stay
  • For Tots guests, we have in place specific hygiene protocol for Essential Kit equipment as well as toys and play items. The Tots Clean & Safe Standard is developed specifically for families with small children so you can be assured that the items required by families have been sufficiently sanitised with non-toxic disinfectant and ready to use and enjoy on arrival

Face masks

  • Face masks for adults and older children are required in all public places throughout Europe. In some countries face masks are currently obligatory. We would advise you to familiarise yourself with up to date local rules in the destination you are travelling to before you go to ensure you adhere to the local regulations on arrival. There are specific rules in place for young children under 5 who are generally not required to wear face masks and for under 3s are advised against wearing face masks
  • We would also advise that you take your own face masks with you
  • You will find some useful information on the government website

Resort Specific Information

Use the list below to find information provided by individual resorts detailing what to expect during your stay.

While we will do our very best to keep this information regularly updated, we must emphasise that restrictions and changes will continue to evolve and may vary for your planned travel date.

NEW! Tots Clean & Safe Standard

Our new Tots Safe & Clean Standard is in place to provide peace of mind that accommodation hygiene protocols are adapted for families with young children.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and National Travel Health Network and Centre have up-to-date advice on staying safe and healthy abroad. For the latest travel advice visit www.gov.uk/travelaware 

The advice can change so check regularly for updates.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do all we can to assist.

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