Which of these holiday parent types would you admit to being?

parent holiday types

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You’re bound to spot some of these holiday parents during your family getaway- which one would you admit to being?

The Early Bird

Up at the crack of dawn, this morning mum has got her towels down on the best sunbeds before anyone else can get a look in. Her brood are all washed, dressed and breakfasted whilst you’re still mustering the energy to roll out of your sheets…


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The Bronze Goddess

The Bronze goddess will be the tanned beauty reclining glamorously by the edge of the pool, whilst her kids wreak havoc elsewhere. You’ll simultaneously hate her and want to be her. Bleugh.


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Macho Dad

Rippling muscles, cool shades and tiny swim trunks. Macho Dad will be strutting confidently round the pool, picking up kids, bags and heavy sun umbrellas as he goes.


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The Bag Lady

Forgotten your plasters? Lost your sun hat? Never fear, because Bag Lady mum has thought of everything! She’ll have all the essentials and more, plus probably a handful of back-ups just in case.


The Health Nut

When they’re not working out at the hotel gym, the Health Nut parent is snacking on goji berries and vitamin water whilst you’re munching on your third ice cream. They may look supremely healthier, but you can bet their kid is enviously eyeing up your little one’s chocolate pancakes at the breakfast buffet…


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The Escapee Father

Commonly found lurking in the corner of the bar or by the pool table, the Escapee Father has managed to sneak away from the family chaos for a few precious hours- usually identified by the standard sleeping/ beer-in-hand/ nearby snacks set up.


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The Big Kid

The most popular Dad in the pool, the Big Kid can be seen doing dolphin impressions, playing mermaids, cannonballing into the water and trying to teach an earnest little gathering of children how to swim. Can usually be identified as the recipient of the phrase ‘Daddy look what I’m doing now!’.



Masters of Excursions

The Masters of Excursions are rarely seen by the pool- instead they’ll be off out on a sightseeing mission. Usually accompanied by neatly lined up and fully equipped children, (Shorts, check! Camera, check!) you’ll maybe see them once or twice at most during your entire stay.



The People’s Choice

The people’s choice is the popular parent- the guest who despite having only stayed a few days, knows all of the staff by name, everybody’s life stories and has several other parent pals around the pool. You probably got chatting to them standing in line for ice cream, and left thinking ‘What a nice family!’.


The ‘Get Involved’ Parent

This will be the pushy parent who’s nudging their child to the front of the crowd at the kids entertainment, or loudly offering them up for audience participation- you can spot the corresponding child from either it’s pained grimace or over eagerness to be the centre of attention…


The Sun Cream Addict

The sun cream addict’s overzealous approach to sun cream application is easily identified by the presence of pasty kids caked in layers and layers of thick white gloop. She’ll be the one smugly peeling her kids off the sunbeds and merrily chucking away her towels, whilst you guiltily and anxiously dab another round of aloe vera on your pink-and-howling youngster.


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The Workaholic

Equipped with every gadget under the sun, the Workaholic will be juggling calls and emails galore with an obligatory half hourly wave to acknowledge their brood in the pool. Engrossed in the world of digital devices, the Workaholic is best left undisturbed.


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The Happy Hour Hound

The Happy Hour Hound has already sussed 2 for 1 cocktail time on her first evening, and swiftly developed a daily early-evening holiday routine of dragging her kids along to play quietly in the bar. You feel like you should maybe be concerned, but mostly you’d just like to join her.



The Hipster

The most standout family on the poolside, the hipster family are cool, collected and equipped with their own quirky fashions. They’ve probably already located a magnificent undiscovered falafel café in the local town, and selected which Instagram filters they plan to apply to their retro noir holiday snaps.


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The Expert Parent

Expert parent has read all the parenting books and been to all the classes, and is not shy about imparting her new-found wisdom. Whether it’s a tummy bug, sleeping troubles or screaming fits, you can guarantee Expert Parent has the very best solution and is happy to advise you- whether you want them to or not.

The Social Media Mum

Documenting every minute of the holiday on her phone, you’ll notice Social Media Mum’s outstretched selfie arm on a daily basis. Focused on sharing every move, meal and moment, pity those who are exposed to her baby-photo filled newsfeed.


The Nutter

The Nutty parents are quick to identify, through slightly uncomfortable conversations and their unusual tendencies – but your child has likely already become best mates with theirs, so you better get used to them!

Portrait of scared baby against crazy mother with pan on head

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The Oblivious Parent

Happily getting on with life, the oblivious parent is perfectly content and completely unaware of the many near misses her child seems to be having. Frankly you’re quite surprised that her child has made it this far- but her cheery attitude and breezy demeanour is very calming to be around.


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The Shusher

The Shusher is the poor parent on holiday with the child who will NOT. STOP. SCREAMING.  The victim of poignant poolside stares, you really feel for them as they frantically try to shush their screeching baby or to halt a toddler meltdown.



The Best in Show Proud Parent

The Best in Show parent is just thrilled to tell you how accomplished her kids are. The brightest in the nursery, the quickest to learn how to read, the best behaved at playgroup- you’re bound to find her a bit nauseating, and try to force yourself to remember it’s just because she’s proud of her kids.


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