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winter sun

If you fancy keeping those winter blues at bay, Tots to Travel have a got a great selection of family-friendly winter sun properties in locations that are lovely and warm throughout the year! Follow the sun for some baby and toddler friendly winter fun…


The hottest of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote sees average temperatures of between 20-28ºC during the winter months. Tourists often prefer visiting during the winter, as the nights are slightly cooler but you can still hit the beach during the day! As the flattest Canary Island, there is also very little rain, so it’s a great escape if you’re hoping for a break from miserable winter drizzle.

 Princess Yaiza

winter sun princess yaiza

C’est La Vie

winter sun Cest la Vie PM Collage

Villa Princess Calero

winter sun Villa Princess Calero PM Collage

Casa Bocayna Vista

winter sun Casa Bocayna PM Jan 2014

Villa Playa

winter sun villa playa 3er

Gran Canaria

With temperatures ranging from 20-26ºC during the winter months, Gran Canaria is a safe choice if you’re after some outstanding winter weather! What’s more, air fares for Gran Canaria are at their cheapest during November-December, so it’s a great time to visit…

Villa Salsify

winter sun villa salsify PM collage

Villa Moss Campionvilla moss campion

Villa Abeliavilla abelia PM collage

Villa Amaranthusvilla amaranthus

Villa Rock Rosevilla rock rose


Weather throughout Tenerife can vary between coastlines, however Tenerife South (the location of our popular Villa Maria resort) has average winter temperatures of 20-28ºC. You’ll be able to go to the beach all year round, although there is slightly more rainfall in the winter months. Despite this, September-March is a perfect time to visit if you want winter warmth without the crowds- and the island will be in full bloom, so the scenery will be beautiful!

Villa Maria

Villa Maria PM Playrooms

Villa Maria Jacuzzivilla maria jacuzzi PM collage

Villa Maria Pocovilla maria poco 2


With average winter temperatures from 23ºC in September/October to 12ºC  in early 2016, Mallorcan weather is warm with mild winters. You can expect gentle warmth and sunshine in the winter months, but perhaps bring an umbrella in case of occasional thunderstorms!

Villa Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea 3pic

Connie’s Farm

connie 3 pic

Sa Rota

sa rota


Weather in Cyprus during the winter months sees average September temperatures of 28ºC down to a cooler but comfortable 16ºC during January-February time. There is very little rain during the year, but evenings can be a bit cooler during the winter months so bring a light jumper!

Aphrodite HillsAphrodite hills bed 3 pic collage 2015

For more information about the kind of weather you can expect, visit our Tots to Travel location temperatures article HERE.

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