12 Baby Travel Mistakes That Most Mums Make!

travel mistakes

Flying with a baby can be easy and (dare I say it?!) even pleasant at times, when it’s done right- but what common mistakes should you avoid making?

Don’t be tempted to book a really late night flight

You might think that booking a cheaper late night flight will mean that your little ones will sleep right through. Don’t be fooled. Choose a flight that leaves during the rare few hours when your child is usually pleasant and most awake, if you want to avoid hours of overtired screaming in an enclosed space!

Don’t overpack

The last thing you need to be juggling at the airport is an overpacked suitcase or hand luggage bag. If you want to avoid extra hassle and even extra baggage fees, just keep it simple and only travel with what you think you might actually use!

Don’t forget to change nappies just before you board

You know how dinky plane bathrooms are- nappy changes, although possible, are certainly not enjoyable when you’re up above the clouds. Change nappies in airport bathrooms as close to your take-off time as possible, while you’ve got a bit more room to spread out.

Baby change

Don’t forget to ask about accommodation

Check what’s already available to you at your destination, so you don’t have to worry about bringing baby extra bits unnecessarily – if you travel with Tots, you have access to all the equipment in our Essential Kit Guarantee, so you won’t have to bring any of that yourself.

Don’t forget to befriend flight attendants

If there comes a time (It’s likely there will!) during the flight when your child decides to scream blue murder, throw up, or knock your drink all over the place then the airline staff really will be your best friends- keep them onside for an easier flight.

Don’t be inflexible

A holiday is a time to relax- although getting your child to adapt to a local time routine is important, you shouldn’t worry about rigidly sticking to baby’s normal routines. If they stay up a little later than usual, then they stay up a little later- it’s not worth getting wound up about it.

Sleeping baby

Don’t travel blind

Thanks to the internet, getting travel advice is easier than ever! Learn more about your destination, family activities, places to eat and more before you go, so you don’t miss out on anything or struggle when you arrive. Tots to Travel have got lots of other advice- based travel blogs, and all of our property pages contain information about local attractions for families, to make life that bit easier.

Don’t forget wet wipes or snacks

If you bring one product on your holiday it should be wet wipes! There are no end to the uses of wet wipes when you’re travelling with a baby, so it’s vital you don’t forget them!! Also remember that a hungry baby is not a happy baby, so make sure you have enough snacks/feed to last the journey.

Don’t bring a bottomless cavern of despair (huge hand luggage bag)

You will NEVER find that dummy/toy/bottle at a moment’s notice again if you bring a huge hand luggage bag. You don’t want to be rummaging around when you need something quickly- try and keep contents organised by packing things in little ‘kits’ or investing in a specific baby organiser travel bag like a PacaPod.

It’s also worth remembering to pack a spare change of clothes for baby in your hand luggage- accidents happen, as you well know!


Don’t hightail it off the plane

Don’t rush to get off the plane once you’ve landed, as it’s likely you’ll forget important things in all the hustle and bustle (think booties, bottles, bibs and beloved blankets). Take your time to exit, or if possible perhaps get your partner to take baby off first, whilst you double check the seating/floor area.

Don’t bring a pushchair if you don’t really need to

They’re bulky, heavy and yet another thing to have to think about. If you really don’t think you’ll use one during your holiday then just don’t travel with one, to save space, hassle and money!

Don’t just feel like you shouldn’t travel at all!

It’s normal to be concerned about all sorts of things when taking your baby abroad; messing up your child’s sleep patterns, child safety, hassles of travelling- but life is short, so with a bit of organisation and a specialised child friendly holiday awaiting you, just get out there and build some happy holiday memories!

If you’ve got a baby, it’s also a time when you’re travelling with a child that is not yet moving much, costing much or voicing it’s relentless opinion on your life choices. It could be your last flight of freedom before terrible toddler mayhem and beyond. Take heed.

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Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson

Tanya Johnson is the Marketing Manager at Tots to Travel, mum of one, big fan of family adventures, the great outdoors, sport and fitness.

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