The ‘Tots 30-point safety check’ – what does it mean for your family?

When you choose to holiday with Tots to Travel we offer your family a selection of special child-friendly extras – including safety barriered private pools, a free baby and toddler essential kit and our unique 30-point plus child safety check which every property on our website is subjected to. Wondering what that actually means? Find out more below…

What is the Tots 30-point child safety check?

‘Family Friendly’ – it’s a label that many holiday companies use for properties that simply come equipped with a highchair and few colourful toys. But we know that in reality, an actual ‘family friendly’ holiday needs to offer parents so much more.

Our special 30-point plus property check isn’t your run-of-the-mill standard review; it’s a carefully crafted procedure, carried out by our family holiday experts and based on our decade of family holiday experience, to ensure that every property on our website is genuinely child suitable. From measuring balcony railing gaps to checking the quality of mattresses, it’s an in depth and thorough analysis of whether a property really is suitable for parents who have very young children.

To learn more about each safety point that consider, check out our 30-point breakdown below…

Our 30-point plus checklist breakdown…

Internal checks

  • Are there any doors leading to external unenclosed areas or to the pool area? If so, do these have secure locks?
  •  Are there are trip hazards such as trailing wires or differing floor levels? Can we make these any safer for our guests?
  •  Are there any cleaning products or chemicals that children would currently be able to get at? Is there a way of resolving this?
  •  Are there any fire hazards that are accessible to children currently? Can these be removed or mitigated?
  •  (For properties visited over the last 2 years) Are there smoke alarms? Can the owner confirm that they work properly?
  • (For properties visited over the last 2 years) If there are gas appliances, do these work safely? Are there Carbon Monoxide detectors? Can the owner confirm that they work properly?
  • Are there any significant kitchen hazards, for example sharp knives in accessible drawers or glass/breakable items in low cupboards?
  • Are there clean, suitable high chairs with proper safety straps?
  • Are there any sharp corners on furniture and fixtures? Can these be protected in some way?
  • Are there any large, fragile or dangerous ornaments?
  • If there are any glass doors, do they have safety stickers in place?
  • Are there any internal stairs or steps that require gating?
  • Are there any stair balustrades greater than 10cm?
  • Are there any landing or Mezzanine areas with balustrades greater than 10cm?
  • Do the bedrooms have any balcony or terrace doors? How can we make these secure?
  • Are there any balcony or terrace walls/balustrades that are less than one metre in height or are possible for little ones to climb? (Such as horizontal ledges or railings etc.)
  • Are there any upper floor windows below one metre in height that don’t have window locks?
  • Are there any dangerous window blind or curtain cords that are within reach of a child?
  • Are there good quality wooden cots or travel cots with additional proper mattresses? Are all cots marked with the EU standard and do they come with proper mattresses and linen? Is the cot mattress new or nearly new? Does it need replacing? How often?
  • Can the bedrooms be made sufficiently dark enough with Blackout blinds, curtains or shutters?

Other internal quality checks:

  • Is the unit clean and fresh?
  • Do the photographs accurately reflect the reality of the property?
  • Is the quality of the general interior decor of a high standard?
  • Are the beds of a good quality? Do they have clean and fresh mattresses?
  • Is cot linen provided? Is there a good supply of spares?
  • Are the bedrooms large enough for cots?
  • Is the provided Essential Kit Guarantee of a good standard?
  • Is there a good selection of toys which are of a suitably high quality?
  • Are highchairs with safety straps available in every individual unit or just in the restaurants only?
  • Do the rooms have good sound insulation?
  • Are there any other noteworthy features?

External checks

  •  Is there a communal pool? Is this enclosed? If so, how is it enclosed?
  • How do guests access the communal pool? Is it suitable for parents with young children? (Are there steps, ladders etc.)
  • Is the communal pool heated? How and when is it heated?
  • Is there a private pool? Is this enclosed or is there a barrier preventing access from the property, and if so, how? If there is a hard cover, how does it open/close/lock?
  • How do guests access the private pool? Is it suitable for parents with young children? (Are there steps, ladders etc.)
  • Is the private pool heated? How and when is it heated?
  • Is there a Jacuzzi or a plunge pool? Is this fully covered and secure? Is this heated and if so, how and when?
  • Is there a private garden or terrace belonging to the individual unit and is it enclosed?
  • Does the property have access to any roads, other properties or hazards that might be close by? (For example, a neighbour’s unenclosed pool.)
  • Are there any stairs or steps that need gating?
  • Are there any trip hazards?
  • Are there any terrace balustrades greater than 10cm?
  • Is there any garden play equipment? Is this of a good quality? Is it safe?
  • Are there any potentially unsafe garden features? (For example uncovered wells, large stone features etc.)
  • Are there any potentially unsafe plants? (Such as large spiky cacti)
  • Is there access to any external buildings?
  • Is there access to a pool room?

Other external quality checks:

  • If there is any garden furniture, is this in a good state of repair?
  • If there is any poolside furniture, is this in a good state of repair?
  • Is there shade in the garden? For example umbrellas, covered terraces, trees

Surrounding Area Checks:

  • What is the wider environment like? What are the views like?
  • Are there any hillsides or steep areas?
  • Are there any significant smells or noises?
  • Are there any roads? What kind of quality are these?
  • What are the walking distances to beaches, shops and attractions? Are these do-able with a stroller or a wobbly-walking toddler?

Resort Destination Checks:

  • How many restaurants are there? How are these accessed? What are the opening hours like? Do they offer child friendly dining? (Kids’ menus, child friendly eating hours etc.)
  • Is there a Kids’ Club? What facilities do they have? What are the opening hours? Are the staff fully qualified?
  • Is there somewhere that parents can make bottles/formula? Can the tap water be used? Where can parents buy formula from? Is there somewhere that bottles can be washed/sterilised?
  • Is there somewhere for parents to go whilst the children are in bed? (In terms of room layout/baby monitors etc.)
  • Is there a beach nearby? How can families easily get to and from it with all their belongings?
  • How can families easily get to explore the local area, shops and facilities?

Integrity and honesty are extremely important to us; if there is anything that the property is unable to change and that could potentially pose a risk to the safety of children then we will always make this clear as a ‘Parent Point’ so that parents can feel confident enough to make the right decision for their family, knowing that they have been fully informed.

Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson

Tanya Johnson is the Marketing Manager at Tots to Travel, mum of one, big fan of family adventures, the great outdoors, sport and fitness.

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  1. Avatar
    Joann Keane
    January 23, 2018 / 8:24 am

    Hi I’d like to inquire about a holiday for my family of 6.
    My husband and I.
    My 4 kids ages 13/12/9 and a 1 year old since January 4th.
    We are looking to go on holidays from ,June 28th.
    Flying from Shannon.
    We also travel with my sister and her husband.
    Her kids aged 10/8 and baby that will be 1 on February 20th.
    My parents also come.
    We/ my family have a budget of 3 thousand and would ideally love to go all inclusive?
    Can you help?

    • Wendy Shand January 23, 2018 / 4:38 pm

      Hi Joann,

      Thank you for sending us all your requirements. Our sales team will contact you shortly to help you plan your holiday!