What Should I Pack for a Family Ski Trip? – Family Ski FAQs

Packing for a family holiday can be very overwhelming – there are just so many things to consider let alone having to worry about ski equipment too.

But fortunately, we are here help! We’ve tried to make things a bit easier for parents by pulling together some of our top family ski holiday packing tips, so you won’t forget anything and will only bring the things you’ll actually need…


Top Ski Holiday Packing Hacks

Bring some plastic bags

If you’re flying to a snowy destination it will often be raining or snowing when you arrive at the airport. Suitcases are commonly left waiting around whilst the plane is being loaded, so avoid soggy gear by tucking some plastic bags around the inside of your case. These might also come in handy during the holiday, in case you have any wet belongings to carry.

You might need some blister plasters

New or rented ski boots may sometimes cause a bit of rubbing inside the shoe- avoid tears and painful blisters by bringing some plasters that you can produce at a moment’s notice.

Pack family ski goggles very carefully

If you are bringing your own goggles, make sure you pack them carefully! Avoid scratches or breaking your goggles by carefully wrapping them in jumpers or towels in your suitcase.

Don’t forget your adapter

A simple little gadget but often forgotten! Be sure to pack your European adaptor plugs for your ski holiday so that you can charge gadgets and electricals (nobody is watching Peppa Pig if the tablet has gone flat!!) during your holiday.

Bring a flask

Sipping on warming hot chocolates in little mountainside chalet cafes is as delightful as it sounds, but buying hot drinks out every day for all the family can get a bit pricey.  Do enjoy a couple of trips to some of the stunning Alpine cafes, but also bring your own flask too.

Pack sensible skin based layers

Make sure you bring some vests or light tops to use as base layers; all-in-one vests are particularly good for young children. Although it’s cold, you do tend to sweat a lot when skiing so opt for wool base layers to avoid stinky family members!

Don’t forget swimming costumes

Lots of ski resorts, or even the chalets themselves, have hot tubs and pools for guests to enjoy. Make sure you pack some swimwear for everybody.

Don’t forget your hat

Whilst you’re skiing you will be wearing a helmet, but there will be lots of times when you’ll be walking out and about on the resort and will need a snuggly hat to pop on over your ears. This is especially true of little ones, who will get chilly very quickly!

Bring walking boots

Falling flat on your back on the slopes when wearing skis? A normal and accepted part of a ski holiday. Falling flat on your back in the middle of the resort village because you’ve brought the wrong shoes? Not so cool. Avoid packing normal shoes for your family, even trainers unless very grippy. Choose walking boots instead.

Wear ski jackets on the plane

Don’t even try and pack your family’s ski jackets in the suitcase- unless you’re literally planning on bringing nothing else! Save weight and space by asking everyone to wear these on the journey; they can take them off and carry them when they start to feel hot, plus it’s easy to access them when you get there, so you can make sure that everyone is nice and warm upon arrival.

Pack high factor suncream and lip salve

When you’re skiing, you are at a higher altitude where the atmosphere is thinner plus the effect of the sun is magnified by all the snow, so it’s really easy to get sunburnt! Protect both your own and your little one’s delicate skin/lips by regularly applying a high factor sun cream and lip balm with added SPF.

Choose lots of little layers over one big jumper

Wearing lots of little light fleeces and tops traps insulating air between the layers, helping to keep you warmer on the slopes than a big jumper would. They also dry much more quickly and allow you to have some flexibility in controlling your temperature as you heat up and cool down during the day. Avoid cotton fabricsas these get wet quickly and dry slowly.

Choosing the Right Waterproofs


Waterproof ski jackets and trousers come in many different varieties, ranging from fairly basic to ultra high tech. Unless you embark on a family ski trip several times per season, the fairly basic waterproofs work just fine- here are a few features to look out for, which can be beneficial on the slopes:

    • High quality zips with a secure zip flap – zips are often the first thing to break, which is not ideal when you’re whizzing down a snowy mountain! Choose jackets with sturdy zips and  secure zip flaps, to keep out the wind
    • Clothing vents – Jackets and trousers with venting zips under the arms and legs are a convenient way of cooling down on the slopes once the sun starts to warm up
    • A high jacket collar to cover your chin is great for particularly nippy days
    • Taped seams on jackets and trousers are ideal if you’re looking for a high performing waterproof
    • Durable fabric – choose ski trousers that have a tougher fabric at the bottom inside of each leg, as this will stop them becoming ripped or damaged by your ski boots
  • Lycra inner cuffs that hook over the thumbs will help to stop snow going up your jacket sleeves

Getting Hold of Ski Equipment


Unless you regularly ski, it is much more cost effective to rent your ski equipment. Children grow out of ski gear very quickly, plus the heavy equipment often exceeds the baggage allowance permitted by airlines. When you book with us, you can organise to rent of all the ski gear that your family will need at the same time, so that it is ready for you to collect upon arrival at the resort.

To help keep your baggage costs down and for parent peace of mind, when you book with us you will also be guaranteed to have our Essential Kit ready and waiting for you upon arrival- this includes 20+ key family items such as sterilisers and black out blinds, that you won’t need to worry abut packing!

Additionally, we offer an EXCLUSIVE Tots ski equipment benefit- book a ski holiday with us and when you rent adult ski equipment, rental of ski equipment for children aged 3-12 years is completely FREE! (One set of child equipment per fully paying adult).


Family Ski Clothing Checklist

  • Skin based layers and all-in-one vests
  • Plenty of thermal tops and fleeces- avoid cotton
  • Tights, leggings or longjons for under trousers (especially for little ones)
  • Waterproof ski trousers (also called salopettes)
  • Ski gloves x 2- just in case one pair gets wet or you loose a glove
  • Goggles
  • Sunglasses- with a round the head strap so they stay on whilst skiing, Jo Jo Maman Bebe do some great ones for kids which you can view HERE
  • Ski jacket for adults and older kids, or a ski suit if you have tiny tots
  • Ski helmet (rent from resort)
  • Ski boots (rent from resort)
  • Lots of underwear and ski socks
  • Knitted hats and scarves
  • Clothes for when you’re relaxing in the villa
  • Sturdy shoes with good grip, ideally walking boots

If you’re in search of ski clothing for little ones, sites like littleskiers.co.uk are perfect!

Discover our family friendly ski collection

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What should I pack for a family ski holiday?

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