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We’re here to widen the world of parents with children under five, so that you can recharge, reconnect and savour your time together.


We believe that every family with children under the age of five should be able to holiday just like anyone else. Stress free. Safe. Wherever they want, in the style they choose and in the locations they love.

We started the business after a scare with our own son in an unenclosed pool. An experience that highlighted the lack of understanding and attention to detail many companies and property owners paid to the needs of families with babies and young children.

Working with the Child Accident Prevention Trust, we developed our own methodology for selecting and approving properties that really address the needs of young families and go to help craft the perfect holiday experience.

We now have a dedicated team of 90 holiday heroes, working hard to find new destinations and make every property and location the best it can be. So you can relax, unwind and enjoy your time as a family.

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