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Baby Friendly Holidays with Destinations in Europe & UK

Baby friendly holidays are holidays that are specifically designed to provide you and your babies with everything you might need to have a safe and relaxing time away from home.

In particular, it means you and your baby stay in stylish, baby-safe accommodation that is kitted out with all the baby equipment and baby safety features you need – everything from high chairs and baby cots to stair gates, covered electrical switches and gated swimming pools.

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Your babies safety first

Like you, we take baby safety very seriously and that’s why our Tots to Travel qualified baby and child safety experts check every property on our website to ensure that the properties and the equipment they provide meet our very stringent safety requirements.

That means when you book one of the many baby friendly villas or gites on the Tots to Travel website, you can be absolutely sure that it really is a very safe baby environment.

It also means you and your baby can relax and really enjoy your holiday.

Baby friendly holidays cater for babies’ and parents’ needs

When you book baby friendly villas and baby friendly gites for your baby holidays, you can be certain that you’ll be staying at places where babies are not only welcome but celebrated and properly catered for.

Booking baby friendly vacations mean you won’t have to worry about other guests complaining if your baby cries in the night or at odd times during the day.

And the fact that your baby friendly accommodation has most if not all of the baby equipment you’ll need during your holiday makes it so much easier to pack and travel with your baby. You’ll save a lot in luggage costs too!

Why choosing self-catering baby friendly accommodation is best

Unless you plan to stay with relatives or friends, your baby friendly holidays are most likely to be spent in either self-catering baby friendly villas and apartments or baby friendly hotels.

The advantage of staying in baby friendly hotels means that you don’t have to do the cooking, cleaning or even laundry.

But there are quite a few downsides to staying in hotels, compared with self-catering baby friendly boltholes.

Unless you can afford to book hotel suites, hotel rooms usually contain a bedroom area (sometimes with a small table with a couple of chairs) and a bathroom.

It might look spacious when you first plonk your cases down, but once you’ve added a cot or travel cot, suitcases, bags, car seat and pram, things get very claustrophobic.

And unless the hotel provides a baby listening or babysitting service, you’ll more than likely have to go to bed at the same time as your baby.

Alternatively, you could mute the TV or read by a dimmed light (so as not to disturb your little one) while your baby sleeps.

Your baby’s cries are more than likely to disturb the guests on either side of your hotel room or during mealtimes, which could end up being very embarrassing and stressful for you.

And what’s more, hotel cleaning staff will need to access your hotel room to change bed linen and replace wet towels. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve just managed to get your little one off to sleep when the hotel cleaning maid knocks on the door!

The benefits of choosing baby friendly self-catering villas and apartments

Choose self-catering baby friendly accommodation and you and your family will have a lot more space and freedom to enjoy.

  • You’ll have the freedom to spread out your things.
  • You’ll have all the facilities you need for preparing food as and when you want to.
  • You’ll have a separate bedroom (or bedrooms) so that when your baby is sleeping, you’ll be able to relax in another room and get the most of out of your holiday too.
  • You’re less likely to have to worry about your baby crying because you’ll have lots of space around.
  • You won’t have hotel staff knocking at your door at inconvenient times
  • If you choose to stay in a large house or in a cluster of family friendly villas or gites with friends or extended family, you can all share the cooking and cleaning, and can also babysit for each other.

When it comes to booking somewhere to stay for your holidays with children, look no further than self-catering accommodation, which Tots to Travel has in abundance.

Remember, a baby friendly holiday offers your baby a safe home away from home and gives you the opportunity to take a well-earned break in a gorgeous new environment.

To recap, the beauty of booking self-catering accommodation is that you can all relax in your home away from home – whether you’re taking baby holidays in the UK, Europe or further afield.

So all you need to do now is decide where you want to explore and book…

It’s really easy to find lovely baby friendly boltholes in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Canary Islands or further afield. You can use our convenient map or our advanced search to find the perfect baby friendly villa for your family. It’s so easy to enquire and we’ll be in contact shortly to help you have a relaxing and safe family holiday with your baby.

With so many baby friendly self-catering properties and baby friendly hotels available nowadays, it makes so much sense to book your baby holidays there rather than risk arriving at properties or hotels with no baby equipment. Choose one of the many baby friendly properties in the UK, Europe and further afield on our Tots to Travel website now.

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